Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a T-Shirt Business

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The official manual of is perfect for easily starting your own t-shirt business. In this eBook, you get tips and tricks from experienced founders. No theory but 100% practical advice. Easily understandable and simply written.



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Starting a t-shirt business – the dream of many! Sounds easy? Sadly, it isn’t that easy! But with our step-by-step manual, you can certainly manage it! We start you at the beginning and give you detailed information which will help you with each and every step. We ourselves know how hard it is to get concrete information, because most sources on the Internet only repeat general knowledge.

10 years ago, we faced the exact same problem. How do I create a logo? Do I have to protect my brand? What does it all cost? Where do I get good T-shirts? How do I get my own brand labels? Where can I produce my own collection? How many T-shirts or textiles should I begin with?

Starting a T-Shirt Business Step-by-Step

These 6 steps are described in our eBook:

  1. Find your revolutionary idea!
  2. How to get the perfect logo!
  3. How to get attractive designs!
  4. How to produce!
  5. How to set up your own online shop!
  6. How to sell successfully on social media!

Important Knowledge for your T-Shirt Business

  • Manual for brand registration
  • Business creation / business registration
  • Business plan
  • Printing procedure
  • Stitching procedure
  • Labels, hangtags & packaging

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