Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a T-Shirt Business

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‘Your logo is your business card.’ The logo is your primary form of recognition and is therefore very important.

What Should A Logo für your T-Shirt Business Look Like? you have a name for your t-shirt business, it makes no sense to think about logo creation. Coming up with a name for a t-shirt business is a very personal decision that you should decide for yourself. There is no right or wrong here but aim for a more succinct name than others.

Discuss different names in your social circles and get as much feedback as you can. Discussions and getting feedback is the golden rule. You should never rely on just your own opinion. Should no single name stand out, you should think about alternatives.

You should take your time when finding a name, because it is a big decision, on which a lot rests in the future, and it comes with great risks (for example, alienating your customers because there is no more brand recognition). There are certain rules that you have to obey in the creation of a logo.

The most important rules are:

  1. Focus on your core message
  2. Avoid common trends
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Not more than 3 colors
  5. Don’t use clip art or already existing icons

Note: You can find a 10 Point Rule list for logo design, with extensive explanations and tips in our
eBook: Step-by-Step Guid: How To Start A T-Shirt Business

How Do I Find The Right Designer?

If you want to design the logo by yourself, you’ll have to obey the following requirements:

  • Get your logo as a vector graphic (What is a vector graphic?)
  • Ensure it is in one of the following file formats: [.ai] [.eps] [.pdf] [.svg]

Logo Design

If you don’t want to design your logo yourself but want to hire a professional, then you should do some prework. By doing so, you ensure that your ideas become true and besides which, you will also save money, time and stress.

Think about how your logo should look and what you want to communicate with it.

It is now about finding the right designer. This task is not as easy as you might think. If you look on Google etc for designers, you will quickly find agencies or already established designers that are already booked out and very expensive. We aren’t talking about $100 here, but about many thousands of dollars.

The provider has proven to be a very good alternative. This provider is very professional and not only creates logo suggestions but also gives you some design suggestions (the amount of suggestions depends on the package you order).

Note: More provider (z.B. low budget) and further tips you will find in our
eBook: Step-by-Step Guid: How To Start A T-Shirt Business

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