Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a T-Shirt Business

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What Is A ‘Brand’ For A Fashion Label?

The term brand got two meanings. The fashion label itself is often already labeled as a “brand”. In trademark law however it is a commercial protection law. The owner will receive the lone right to use his brand (or brand name) for his product. When third parties use the brand you can claim omission rights or compensation rights. You can for example protect the name of your label, the logo or the slogan of your brand and ensure that nobody else can use these attributes for the sale of his products

Do I Have To Register And Protect My Brand?

MarkenschutzWith the creation of a fashion label or fashion brand you ask yourself how you can protect them by law. But is this step really necessary? The answer: Not really. In the end everybody has to decide directly if he wants to spend money for that at the beginning or not.

The costs for a onetime brand registration in the simplest form cost $225. This includes protection in the USA. If you want to protect your worldwide you will have to pay a much higher fee.

Especially in the beginning it is not really important to protect your brand. The brand is not known at the beginning anyway for forgers or imitators to copy them. You can therefore save your money at the beginning. You don’t have to worry if you don’t protect your brand at the beginning. But if you got the money and you want to ensure it then you can protect your brand very easily.

What one should do in any case is to do some marketing research. Because under some circumstances it could be that someone got the idea and immediately protected his brand. If you start to sell with that name you risk to get in trouble with the law. Therefore the next step describes how you can easily do the first brand research. Afterwards you also find a description on how to register your brand.

How Do I Register A Brand For A Fashion Label?

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